About Us

The Odd Couple is a husband and wife team from Richmond, Virginia that specializes in finding and selling unique furniture, art and curiosities.    Andrew Carnwath has worked as a designer on movies and commercials, as well as business interiors, for over 15 years. During this time he has sourced, collected, and manufactured decor for local and national companies.  Andrew also works closely with local artists, merging the old with new, to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  Jennifer Garcia grew up in Flea Markets and Estate Sales.  She gained her knowledge and love of all things old from her mother.  Jen also has 9 years of experience creating and repairing stained glass.  Through her additional knowledge of restoration, and upholstery she is able to breath new life into their finds. They love the unusual and even sometimes, the macabre.  Together they seek out interesting pieces that tell a unique story and more importantly, have a great aesthetic.

– Purchase & Return Policy

All of our merchandise has been meticulously inspected and we only purchase items that we believe are sturdy and well built.  Unfortunately, we do not know the complete history of each piece and due to the age of the furniture we are unable to offer a warranty.  All sales are final and no returns.


Specializing in the trade of unusual & curious furniture & finds.